Cruise Ship and Target

Poor Claudia, 2016

When Netscape took over the landscape, we had to remind ourselves about the cure for seasickness. Look up and out as your screen turns into old-fashioned glass, invaded by white clouds and rainbow panoramas. What happens when sublime, mesmeric smears of open sea and wind get squeezed into the palm of your hand?


On Some Teachers

A Manner of Being: Writers on their Mentors, University of Massachusetts Press, 2015

It’s not that Athena never had a mother, but her father would like us to think so. Athena—a patriarchal displacement of the trinity Goddess Athene-Metis-Medusa who predated her—sprung full-grown from the head of Zeus. She was a thought that materialized, allergic to interiority, and she knew how to throw her own thoughts out through the […]



The Petroleum Manga: A Project by Marina Zurkow , Punctum Books, 2014

Plastic plummeted us into a collective dream, a heritage of magic we thought was dead, coming to life in perplexed new forms. We projected ourselves into plastic’s material will to change. Yet plastic is, Roland Barthes notes, “the first magical substance which consents to be prosaic….for the first time, artifice aims at something common.”  



Wolf , Quemadura, 2013

No one knows all the motives for howling. We know howling is social, keeping the pack intact. We know wolves answer each other, echo locating over vast tracks. Howling attracks a scattered pack or a mate. Howling is long distance contact: a stroke for or against—a caress, a shove. Because all sound is vibration, we […]