Everything I Never Wanted To Know


When people ask me who my favorite living writers are, I never hesitate to mention Christine Hume. She brings a poet’s razor-sharp precision and deep artfulness to every subject she tackles but Everything I Never Wanted to Know feels like her greatest work yet. Misogyny, sex offense, every manifestation of bigotry, and every dark corner of American suburbia is chillingly on trial here through lenses personal, anthropological, sociopolitical, and metaphysical even. What emerges is a work unlike any other–this book altered me and my expectations of literature in a way I could not have anticipated!

–Porochista Khakpour


Christine Hume delivers a unique blend of journalism that is deeply embedded in lived experience and life-writing that interrogates the political and bodily contexts in which both writing and life occur. There is inherent sadness in learning what one never wanted to know and great triumph in the self-actualization and liberation Hume finds there.

—Kazim Ali


Brace yourself. Everything I Never Wanted to Know is an unflinching look at how women’s bodies are eviscerated and devoured by the male gaze, by language and etymologies, and by the residue of objects like the ‘obedient doll’—the frozen destroyer of our lives. Christine Hume weaves a lyric, personal, and cultural narrative that challenges us: Do not look away from this important book.

—Megan Culhane Galbraith