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Vitreous Vaccine

Hatch Art Gallery, 2019-2020

Printing lines from my poem, “Ladder,” on her father’s medical slides from Grace Hospital in Detroit, Ruth Bardenstein made three tiny glass slide and specimen books housed in a clinical case, called Vitreous Vaccine. The full poem is in my first book, Musca Domestica. The slides show specimens of bone marrow. Exhibitions THE COLLECTIVE IMPULSE: […]


Speech Talks Back

The Bee (Bloomsbury), 2016

In an act of listening-as-reading, “Speech Talks Back” theorizes about and narrativizes sonic work that uses public speech—recorded speeches, conversations, interviews, and testimonials—as its primary source: Gregory Whitehead’s “As We Know” (2004), Jane Philbrick’s “Common Prayer” (2001), and Steve Reich’s “Come Out” (1966). Placing these unique works side by side, with running commentary, recontextualizes them in light of the present moment.